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  • The two party political system in this country is totally in control of the establishment.  There is no longer respect and certainly no adherence to the Constitution by either.  Rights of the people are considered irrelevant.  Redistribution of resources for the purpose of getting elected and gaining control is all that matters.  A viable third party entering the scene is the only way to preserve individual rights.  Leadership and the establishment will do anything to stop the Libertarian ticket.  Expect them to use lies as they have against those in their own party who try to work for the people.  It is time to support the Libertarian Party in an attempt to save our nation.  Emily Lewy

    Is Bill Weld Going to Drop Off the Libertarian Ticket and Endorse Hillary Clinton?

  • Commentary, Constitution, Issues Comments Off on Will Europe crumble and disappear?

    Rappoport understands the problems created by a government that controls people instead of a government that is controlled by the people.  Without individual freedom and personal responsibility, there is no incentive for accomplishment.  The United States and Europe are in the process of sabotaging individual initiative.  I believe it was Ronald Reagan who criticized the process saying something like, “if it succeeds, tax it and if it fails, subsidize it.”  This is not a path to a successful civilization.  Our life on this earth must be more than being a subsidized cog in the system.  Our Constitution was created to promote the greatest possible freedom for all our people.  It recognizes rights of the individual and limits rights of government.  It forbids the federal government from playing Robin Hood or the role of a dictator.  It requires personal responsibility and respect for the rights of others.  Emily Lewy

    Will Europe crumble and disappear?  By Jon Rappoport  These are notes from my work-in-progress, The Underground:
    “The open-door immigration policy of the European Union is justified by pointing out Europe’s guilt for past colonial sins. Well, I have news. You can go anywhere in the world, focus in on any nation, any tribe, and you can discover that, at some point in the past, they did grievous harm to some other group, nation, tribe, or to their own people. You can use history to claim that everybody should give back everything to everybody else. Everybody should be down on their knees, weeping and gnashing their teeth and giving away all they have. Stimulating guilt in order to seize and maintain power is a strategy as old as the hills, but the current generation seems never to have heard of it.” Continue reading »


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