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OCTOBER 16, 2013
By Emily Lewy, Publisher

Action Dogs Frisbee Saturday, October 19 in Yahoola Creek Park

Discdogathons test the skill, speed, and teamwork of the dog/handler team.  Winners of each event are invited to the annual World Championships. Competitions are entertaining and exciting to watch and participate in. Profits from this event will go to the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter.

>> Get the details

Early Voting Has Started!

Early voting started on Monday, October 14 with ESPLOST voting in the Park & Rec building and voting for City Council at City Hall.  It seems the City has always handled itís own early voting this way.

The signage fails to explain the two locations causing poll workers to constantly explain the reason for two voting locations.

All voting on Election Day, November 5, will be at Park & Rec.

I donít understand the need to allow voting to continue for more than three weeks.  It seems like an awful waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere.  It is good to make it easy to vote; but at some point, decision makers ought to use a little common sense.  Those of us who live frugally and work for our money donít appreciate waste.

Vote Ariemma for City Council

Iím voting for Johnny Ariemma for City Council because he is an honest man who cares about and works very hard for the Dahlonega community.  Johnny is not a wimp who goes along to get along.  He listens to his constituents and will try to do the right thing even when it is not easy.

It is important for me to go public with support for Johnny because the Ariemma sign in front of my house was stolen.  I encourage you to vote for Johnny, the councilman who is looking out for you.



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