Lumpkin County Homeowners Association

All Lumpkin County homeowners are invited to join the association and are encouraged to attend all the listed meetings.  Meetings are held on the forth Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the meeting room of the the United Community Bank.

Meeting schedule for 2009

February 24, April 28, June 23, September 22, October 27
Please note that this will be the fourth Tuesday of those months.

Time: 6:00 PM

Lumpkin County Homeowners Association

Postinitially  posted by Emily on Fri Apr 15, 2005

Lumpkin County Homeowners Association Board of Directors
Emily Lewy, President
John Cavender, Vice President
Marshal Mahone, Secretary
Sue Neil, Treasurer
Katie Klemenchich, Membership
Marshal Mahone, Environmental Chairman
Chuck Treadway

The following are LCHA’s published positions on issues:

County Services:
County salaries, especially those of Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Planning, need to be reevaluated. There is great concern about the adequacy of services provided.

Taxes & Impact Fees:
Oppose high property taxes in Lumpkin County
Support the passage of Impact Fees for new construction
Oppose reassessment of property values

Support a Planning Department that actually plans and enforces the rules.
Fees collected by that department need to pay for costs created by development.

Sign Ordinance:
Support full enforcement of the sign regulations.
Support directional signs for realtors allowing only one generic sign per corner.
Support temporary signs limited to no more than thirty days.

Nuisance Ordinance:
Support a county nuisance ordinance for noise and junk.

Oppose extensive expansion of Wimpy Airfield and oppose construction of an additional airport in Lumpkin County.

On December 5, 2006, the membership voted to take a position on a recently proposed extension of Georgia 400. “The membership opposes all alternatives as outlined in the Feasibility Study Report for Sandy Flats Road/Dugas Road of May, 2006 because it gives no benefit to Lumpkin County residents; results in an increased financial burden to the county, homeowners and businesses of the county; would impose a negative economic impact to the city of Dahlonega by diverting tourist traffic to Helen; and would have a negative impact on an environmentally sensitive area.”





The corporation is organized pursuant to the provisions of the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation code. The corporation shall have perpetual duration. The corporation is organized: to work with homeowners and homeowner groups to monitor and speak to the elected and appointed officials of Lumpkin County, and the City of Dahlonega for the betterment of the city and county, to assist in voicing the concerns of the membership to the county and city officials, to provide a vehicle for individuals and associations to work together for common causes. The corporation, governed by its elected Board of Directors, shall consult with and make recommendations to the government officials. Development and growth within the county requires the united support of the citizens; to this end, the corporation shall provide a unified body to guide the elected officials.


Any homeowner within Lumpkin County is eligible to become a member of the association by completing the membership application and paying the prescribed dues. In the event a member sells their property in Lumpkin County the member shall resign any office held and relinquish all voting rights.

Dues shall be leveled commensurate with the objectives and needs of the corporation as established by the membership and/or the Board of Directors.

Rights of Members:
Members shall have the right to attend and be heard at all the meetings.

Records are open to inspection by any member at reasonable times and for any committee of the corporation in the performance of its duties.

ARTICLE FOUR: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be made up of five members of the Corporation elected by the membership. Any member in good standing may be elected to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting.

Term of Office:

Board members shall be elected by the general membership at the annual meeting to serve for one year and he/she may be reelected for as many terms as he/she is willing to serve.

Duties of the Board of Directors and Election of Officers:

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held within two (2) weeks after the annual meeting of the members. At this meeting, officers of the Association shall be elected and appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Officers shall serve until their successors are appointed.

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at least six times each year. Board meetings will be open to all members of the Association.

The Secretary shall notify Board members of the time and place of holding each special meeting by telephone or e-mail. Unless otherwise indicated in the notice thereof, any and all business may be transacted at a special meeting.


Officers of the Corporation shall be elected by the Board of Directors to serve for a term of one year. Officers may be reelected for as many terms as he/she is willing to serve. In the event a position becomes vacant during the year, a special meeting of the Board may be called by the President to appoint a member to fill the unexpired term.

The President:

Duties of the President:
The President shall preside over all corporate meetings at the appointed time and place; announce the business before the membership or Board; recognize members entitled to the floor; state and put to vote all questions which are regularly moved or arise in the course of the meetings, and to announce the results of the vote.
Communications representing the views and actions of the Association shall be authorized and only released by the President of the Association.

The Vice-President:

Duties of the Vice President:
The Vice-President shall assume the functions and duties of the President in the event of his/her absence.

The Secretary:

The Secretary is the recording officer of the corporation and the custodian of all records except those maintained by the Treasurer.

Duties of the Secretary:
to prepare and maintain the Minutes of all meetings which shall contain, as a
(a) the kind of meeting – regular, special, etc.
(b) name of Corporation
[c) date of meeting and place
(d) the names of officers in attendance
(e) whether or not the minutes of the previous meeting were read and
approved, and
(f) all motions;
to call the roll when necessary;
to prepare and distribute proper notices of all called meetings;
to conduct the correspondence of the corporation;
to furnish committees of the corporation with all papers required by them; and,
to maintain a book in which the By-laws and their approved amendments are

The Treasurer:

Duties of the Treasurer:
to pay annual fees of the corporation to the State of Georgia;
to prepare and maintain annual financial reports;
to maintain all bank records;
to keep the membership roster;
to sign orders for payment authorized by the Corporation;
to report at each meeting of the Board on the financial condition of the
corporation, and;
to oversee the disbursement of funds on the order of the Board of Directors.

All checks over the amount of three hundred dollars ($300) shall require the signatures of two officers of the corporation.



A quorum must be present to conduct the business of the corporation. A quorum is defined in “Robert’s Rules of Order – Revised” as the majority of the members in attendance.

Annual Meeting:

The members shall meet annually during the month of February. The members shall elect the Board of Directors for the coming year.

Called or Special Meetings:

Special meetings of the Board or of the general membership may be called by the President or by the Secretary at the request in writing of a majority of the Board of Directors, or at the request in writing by ten (10) members of the Association entitled to vote. Such request shall state the purpose or purposes of the proposed meeting.

The Secretary (or volunteer helping the secretary) shall phone or e-mail notice of the time and place of holding each special meeting, indicating briefly the object or objects thereof. An e-mail shall be sent or or a phone call made to each member at such address as appears on the records of the Association at least five days before such meeting.


Standing Committee: A standing committee may be appointed for a period of one year by the Board of Directors for a specified time period or for a special purpose.

Special Committee: A special committee will be appointed for a designated purpose.


The Association shall comply with “Robert’s Rules of Order – Revised” by General Henry M. Robert with new forward by General Henry M. Robert III, New York 1979. These rules shall govern the Association in all cases where applicable.


Amendment of the Bylaws: These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the majority of the members present. The amendment(s) must be submitted in writing at a previous meeting or in writing to each member one month prior to the annual meeting.


These By-laws were adopted by the membership at the regular meeting on

April 23, 2005.

Emily Lewy, President

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