Lumpkin County Homeowners Association meeting

The Lumpkin County Homeowners Association (LCHA) will meet on Tuesday, January 26 at 6:00 PM in the meeting room of United Community Bank located on Morrison Moore Parkway across from the Post Office.

Join us for our first meeting of 2010 when we make plans for the year.  Be prepared to discuss what we can do to encourage more residents to pay attention to what’s going on and what we can do to encourage them to get involved.

Our input is needed on many issues:

How will the county make ends meet with less money coming in?

Will the tax digest shrink as a result of decreased property values.

Will taxes be increased to maintain the current budget?  What can/should be cut?

How great is the “mudhole” trail around the reservoir?  The one local residents could not be trusted to build.

Will the county accept a grant for improvement in Blackburn Park that will include public participation this time?

Will county commissioners elected by local citizens allow local citizens to locate a dog park in Yohoola Creek Park at no cost to or commitment from county government?

What can we do to make Lumpkin County a better place to live?

Join us for coffee, cake and lively discussion.

We believe that working together we will be more effective at dealing with issues than we are as individuals going up against the challenges alone.

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