A Crime Appears To Have Been Committed

By Emily Lewy

A flyer was inserted into The Gainesville Times newspapers delivered by at least one carrier last Saturday that demonizes Tim Bowden, candidate for Lumpkin County Commission Seat 2.

Aside from the fact that most of the stated facts were false, it would have been sent out in violation of a Georgia State law that requires a political piece to identify who paid for it.

The Gainesville Times was unaware of the flyer being included in their newspapers.   It is my understanding that they are currently investigating to find out exactly who was involved.  The paper’s representative suggests that if illegal flyers were included in their newspapers without authorization, a crime would have been committed.

If you received the flyer, please let The Gainesville Times know about it.

During the last days before an election, a lot of deception takes place.  Vote on Tuesday August 21.  Don’t let this election be hijacked.

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One Response to A Crime Appears To Have Been Committed

  1. tstroefer says:

    By Toby Stroefer

    At the end of last week a friend gave me a copy a flyer that he heard might be put in the Gainsville Times. I went to the Lunpkin County Republican headquarters and had a copy made for the Republican party staff to look at.

    Let be very clear……I did not have ANYTHING to do with this flyer..PERIOD. I do not know the source of this flyer.

    Any suggestions or accusations that brings up my name as someone involved with this flyer will be dealt with by my lawyer and the legal system.

    Toby Stroefer

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