Action Dogs Frisbee Saturday, October 19 in Yahoola Creek Park

Northeast Georgia’s first discdogathon will be in Dahlonega at 9 AM

Great fun and no cost entertainment for spectators!

Entry fees & registration for participants: For a single event,  $10 per dog.   Two events,  $15.  More than two events,  full price,  $25.  That’s for one dog.   Second dog,  $20, third $15, fourth and up, $10.  We have one with five dogs and several with three.  Registration is at 8:00, players meeting at 8:50, first dog up at 9:00.

Discdogathons test the skill, speed, and teamwork of the dog/handler team.  Winners of each event are invited to the annual World Championships.

Competitions are entertaining and exciting to watch and participate in. Profits from this event will go to the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter.

Experience is an advantage, but newcomers learn how to do the events quickly, and may be competitive.

The five discdogathon events consist of the following:

1.  time trial — the team that completes two throws/catches of at least 20 yards in the shortest time wins.

2.  spot landing — teams compete for the most points attained by tossing and catching a disc within any of four target areas.

3.  bulls eye — teams compete for the most points attained by tossing and catching a disc from a central position…distance and discs caught by the dog jumping add to the points.

4.  pairs distance/accuracy — teams of two handlers and one dog compete for points that depend upon distance thrown and accuracy of the throw.

5.  freestyle — dog/handler teams execute choreographed routines that are judged by a panel of four.

Sponsors for this event are welcomed.   Event t-shirts and grilled hamburgers will be available for sale.

Dogdiscathon plans for the future: to hold at least one [possibly two] events a year in this area with dog-related charities to be beneficiaries.

Promotion by Skyhoundz, one of the largest disc dog organizations in the World, headquartered in Alpharetta, are wholly owned by Hyperflyte, manufacturer of discs tailored for dog sports.

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