Action needed: Stop Ex-Im crony capitalism

Moderate Republicans have teamed up with Democrats to try and bring back crony capitalism reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. You need to stop them. The Export-Import Bank is a case study in crony capitalism. It picks winners and losers in the marketplace, gives loans and loan guarantees to well-connected American businesses, even though it isn’t the place of the federal government to do so. The Export-Import Bank’s authorization expired this summer. Congress didn’t renew it. This was a big conservative victory, shrinking the size of government and saying no for a change to the Beltway establishment!

But now the Export-Import Bank may be coming back! A gang of Republicans and Democrats teamed up to sign a discharge petition about reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. That means at least 218 members of the House have signed their names to the petition, going the committee process and regular order.These moderate Republicans and their Democrat friends are sneaking the bill to bring back the Export-Import Bank onto the floor of the House this month for a vote. You need to stop their efforts.

Vote against reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. Voting no will preserve the one conservative victory we have in the House this year. Voting no will be a vote against crony capitalism and for the free market. The Export-Import Bank’s charter has expired. Vote to keep it that way!

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