Announcing Cruz PR Campaign

Announcing Cruz Personal Responsibility (PR) Campaign

Cruz volunteers in Lumpkin County are asked to devote a couple of hours each day through Presidential Primary Day, March 1, to pick up trash along local streets and roads while wearing their Cruz t-shirts.

Since we cannot place signs in many areas, we will be moving signs! Please begin on streets within city limits. Let Emily Lewy know what areas you are working on so City employees can be contacted to pick up bags of trash. They do not want bags left out overnight.

Contact Emily at 706-864-4613 to get Cruz shirts, trash bags and additional information.

We are performing this service because we appreciate our community and recognize this as our personal responsibility in a nation that offers individual freedom. We must be an example of what is good and honorable in the hope that others will follow.

We work to preserve our Constitution and rights granted by it; and we work to elect Ted Cruz the next President of the United States.

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