Are individual rights respected any more?

by Emily Lewy

Individual rights in this country are protected by the United States Constitution.  Without this protection, you are at the mercy of whatever politician who happens to get elected at the time.  Respect for the Constitution is being eroded by Congressional politicians whose votes are controlled by special interests.  During the current administration, Congress has bent their own rules to allow the president to operate as a virtual dictator.

The 10th Amendment states that powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people.  This is a great inconvenience for institutions, business and other special interests that find it easier to treat residents of all states the same.  Individuals who think and choose for themselves are difficult to control; therefore, the power of the federal government is enlisted to eliminate differences and guide us to accept the advice of their chosen experts.

When you vote in the coming elections, know your candidate’s position on your rights as an individual.  Promises don’t count.  Check out what their past positions have been on protecting rights of the individual.  I’ll be voting for Cruz.

The following article explains what is going on:

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