Blackburn Park Petition Continues

Incorrect information was provided in The Dahlonega Nugget on August 19.  An individual was quoted as saying that the petition effort to save Blackburn Park was over:

The group also expressed frustration toward the local government as well. Several attendees said they found fault with recent actions by the Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners to deny a petition protesting the logging of Blackburn Park under the suspicion that it was fraudulent.

“We worked hard and got 1,400 names in four days on that petition but yet nobody has seen it,” said one woman.

“So it’s over,” replied Hoynes. “I mean it’s just all over.”

It is easy to appreciate the frustration these folks feel in response to the commissioners’ vote on petition requirements. However, the Blackburn Park petition is being compiled by members of the Lumpkin County Homeowners Association (LCHA), not persons quoted in the newspaper.

The statement that 1,400 signatures were collected in four days is not correct.  Signature collection began on Saturday, May 30.  Based on the latest estimates, some 1000 signatures have been collected by residents genuinely concerned about the quality of life for current and future generations.

LCHA continues collecting signatures for the BLACKBURN PARK PETITION:

“We, the undersigned, oppose removal of hardwood trees from the Blackburn Park property until such time that a Master Plan has been presented to the citizens of Lumpkin County and until funds are available to implement that plan.”

Any resident of Lumpkin County may sign a page of the Blackburn Park petition at the following locations:

The goal of the petition is to inform the public and promote well reasoned opposition to cutting trees at the present time.  The goal of LCHA is to provide information to local government about what the people want.

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