Special BOC WORK SESSION on recycling will take place on February 22 at 6:00 PM in the Lumpkin County Administration Building (the former courthouse).

Commissioners have a proposal from Community Waste Services to manage solid waste and recyclables for Lumpkin County.   It offers Single Stream Recycling which means all recyclables can be put in one bag.  Recyclables will include:  1-7  PLASTICS,  including snack bags, wrappers from cases of bottled drinks, pet food bags, paper board and boxes, and all cans, not just aluminum.   The only exception would be corrugated card board that would have to be separated.

Recycling can be much easier for the public and can drastically decrease the tonnage going to landfills.  Lumpkin County can save approximately  $81,000 per year.  Dawson county is already using this company.

Attend the meeting and learn more.  Let the commissioners know what you think.

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