Car/Truck Show to Benefit Family Drug Court

Enotah Family Drug Court

The Enotah Family Drug Court with mandatory treatment and counseling has proven to be amazingly successful at keeping families together when they are about to lose custody of their children to the Department of Family and Childrens’ Services. Twenty young people who live in Lumpkin County are currently enrolled. Since the program began a year ago, no participant has been terminated from the program or been arrested for an alcohol or drug abuse related offense. This is one great success story!

Lumpkin County Commissioners have not included Judge Turk’s request for $35,000 in the 2010 county budget.  At this point, fundraisers are the only way to provide funding for this very successful way to preserve families and turn around the lives of these young Lumpkin County residents

Fundraisers are being held all around the Enotah Judicial District that will benefit Lumpkin County residents.  Later in the Fall, a fundraiser will be held here, too.  Help spread the word about all the fundraisers and preserve the Family Drug Court.

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