Confessional or self portrait?

The following is from Chairman John Raber’s Question & Answers in The Dahlonega Nugget on March 17, 2010:

Q.  What is a fragmented politician?
A. A fragmented politician is one who has single focus vision and is incapable of or not desirous of understanding the total picture because of levels of education, social awareness, greed, global awareness, desire for power, and inability to be a team player.  The fragmented politician is not capable of realizing that he or she is first and foremost elected to serve the good of all the citizens and not an overzealous few.  The fragmented politician will not or cannot understand that his or her decisions are based on the beliefs of those who seek to divide and demoralize rather than enhance and promote.  The fragmented politician may well think that he or she is anointed and not elected.  A fragmented politician does not play or work well with his teammates.

We greatly appreciate the weekly opportunity provided by The Dahlonega Nugget to learn about this elected official.  How sad that Raber does not recognize himself.

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