Cruz PR (personal responsibility) Campaign

The Cruz “personal responsibility” Crew will pick up trash on Hwy 60 from Morrison Moore Pkwy to the Dahlonega City limits from 1:00-4:00 PM on Thursday, February 18. We recommend two person teams working on each side of the road. Trash bags and red Cruz t-shirts will be provided. 706-864-4613

We plan to repeat this process on Friday, February 19 in another location and again on Saturday. The time and location for Saturday will be decided on Friday.

We believe littering will only be eliminated when individuals accept personal responsibility for the problem. Tax money should not be used to clean up after those who foul our public spaces. Personal responsibility must be emphasized in our homes, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations.

Cruz Crew members realized the enormity of the trash problem while putting out political signs. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone putting out signs during this election year brought along trash bags and helped clean up our county!2-17-16

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