Cruz strong on protecting our country

by Emily

“The Rubio campaign has started calling Cruz “weak on national security” because he was against a useless program. Cruz’s position is supported by about two-thirds of Americans across the political spectrum.”

“In regards to Syria, Cruz’s position is backed by John Bolton and Benjamin Netanyahu and a majority of Americans regardless of party. Rubio’s is backed by Obama and Samantha Power and the Council on Foreign Relations and former George Bush advisors. Which makes you feel more secure?”

“Rubio’s campaign elected to paint Cruz as something he obviously isn’t, an isolationist, and in the process alienate what is probably a clear majority of the GOP that agrees with Cruz rather than try to change their minds.  [That] is not the mark of a campaign in touch with the nation nor is it a good sign that [Rubio] has the correct temperament for the office should he be elected president.”

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