Cruz will enforce the laws of this nation protecting everyone. We cannot compromise!

Government under a Constitution that supports the rights of individuals has been under attack since it was first created. Either for power or personal gain, efforts to distort our Constitution are constant. Why? Individual rights limit government’s authority.

Great effort has been made over the last hundred years to increase the power and control over individuals. Instead of empowering individuals to create and take responsibility, government and politicians demand a controlling interest in everything.

No wonder a cadre of special interests has taken over. The media tells you who to vote for. Careers have been built on a system that is bankrupt.

Do we continue down a path to complete anarchy and bloody revolution? Or, do we elect Ted Cruz, the grown up, who says clean up your act, obey the law and save the only form of government that is not designed to enslave it’s own people.

There can be no compromise candidate for Cruz supporters. The time is now. It is too late to compromise on individual liberty as set out in our Constitution.

by Emily Lewy

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