Death of Justice Scalia

The death of Justice Scalia brings us a step closer to losing rights guaranteed by our Constitution.   A President and a Congress can make laws denying every right you think you have when they have agreement of the Supreme Court.  It matters who holds those positions.

Please know where the person you vote for stands on adherence to the Constitution.   I support Cruz because of this issue even though I agree with him on all other issues.

National security and a great economy may not be so important when we are slaves to a government that controls our speech, thoughts, health care, children and every choice made for our lives.  This country has been on a slippery slope for a long time.  The balance in the Court has gone.

Our last chance to select the Republican nominee for president will be March 1, 2016.  Please join us in choosing Cruz, a candidate who is not only great on national security and the economy, Cruz is the only one who is prepared to save our constitutional republic.

Please help get Cruz elected.  This campaign depends on the efforts of people like you and me.   There is no paid campaign staff in Georgia. Just you and me baby.   If we won’t work for freedom now, we sure couldn’t do 1776 all over again.

by Emily Lewy

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