Defeat t-splost and demand that Georgia not implement the ObamaCare Exchange

Each July 4th we pause to remember the actions of our forefathers that freed the American colonists from British rule by declaring independence and establishing each colony as a Free and Independent State. Chief amongst the colonists’ complaints was the British Empire’s oppressive taxation of the colonies through the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Act of 1776.

Today we face a similar specter of oppressive taxation by our own government.

The Supreme Court incorrectly ruled that Congress has the power to tax citizens for not purchasing government-approved health insurance. This ruling only proves that we should not rely on these “Nine Politically Well-Connected Lawyers” to save us from abuses such as the “Affordable Care Act” (ObamaCare).

To add insult to injury, Governor Deal brazenly declared that he will begin implementing an ObamaCare Exchange in Georgia shortly after the statewide elections this November. This comes as no surprise as Governor Deal previously took federal grant money to evaluate how to implement these exchanges.

Meanwhile Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has stated that he also intends to implement an ObamaCare Exchange in Georgia. Incredibly, Mr. Hudgens expects us to simultaneously believe that 1) he will only implement the exchange because he is required to do so by law and 2) he will somehow defy that same law and create a “free market” exchange. You and I know that government intervention does not create a free market!

Furthermore, ObamaCare explicitly states that any exchange setup by a state must comply with all of the rules, regulations, and red tape that the ObamaCare bureaucracy promulgates.

Finally, if there was a silver lining to the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, it is that the federal government may not punish States that refused to implement ObamaCare exchanges. There is no excuse for Mr. Deal and Mr. Hudgens to implement an ObamaCare Exchange in Georgia!

Will you stand with me and fight against this new healthcare tax even if Nathan Deal and Ralph Hudgens are too cowardly (or complicit) to do so on their own?

And at the state level voters are being asked to vote themselves into the largest tax increase in Georgia history via the 1% transportation tax or “TSPLOST.”

Once again we find Governor Nathan Deal leading the charge to implement this tax. Governor Deal has been touring the state for months raising thousands (if not MILLIONS) of dollars to advertise in favor of the tax.

Helping Governor Deal is his crony Secretary of State Brian Kemp who has placed a pro-tax “preamble” on the July 31st ballot.

Normally language that appears on a ballot must be explicitly enacted by law, but in this case Secretary of State Brian Kemp took it upon himself to insert a “preamble” that advocates for passage of this massive tax.

Brian Kemp’s pro-tax “preamble” is deceptive in at least 4 ways:
The actual ballot question clearly lists the region and the state as benefactors of the tax, therefore this tax is not for “local transportation projects.”

Taxation does not create jobs. When the pro-tax special interest group “MAVEN” recently claimed that the TSPLOST tax would create jobs, PolitiFact found the statement to be false.

Pro-tax advocate Mike Alexander of the Atlanta Regional Commission has publicly admitted that the transportation boondoggles that would be funded by the TSPLOST would not reduce commute times.

There is no citizen oversight. Instead, the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor (both of whom are advocating for the tax) would appoint unelected bureaucrats to oversee the projects.
This deception is made even more astounding by the fact that Brian Kemp pledged in 2006 to “reduce taxes, not raise them”!

Our forefathers sacrificed greatly and risked their very lives for independence. In their victory, they defeated not only the British military but also traitorous turncoats such as Benedict Arnold.

Will you sacrifice just a few minutes of your time to fight against these oppressive taxes?

Please contact Governor Deal and Commissioner Hudgens and tell them that you will not stand for them implementing ObamaCare Exchanges in Georgia:

Governor Nathan Deal
Email Form or

Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens
404-656-9140 or 706-338-2839

After you have contacted these Big Government politicians, please CLICK HERE to sign our Georgia Healthcare Freedom Petition.

Also, please contact Secretary of State Kemp and demand that he remove his deceptive “preamble” from the July 31st TSPLOST referendum ballots:

Secretary of State Brian Kemp or

Yours in Liberty,

Nathan Adams
Interim State Coordinator, Georgia
Recruit, Equip, Train, Mobilize

P.S. If our Republic is to remain a free and prosperous we need ordinary citizens just like you to take a stand. Please contact Nathan Deal and Ralph Hudgens and demand that they immediately cease all efforts to implement ObamaCare Exchanges here in Georgia.

P.P.S. Please contact Brian Kemp as well and demand that he remove his deceptive “preamble” from the July 31st TSPLOST ballot.

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