Do All Parks Go to Heaven?

Park Beatification TechnicianEven in a down economy, it is apparently important for government to be concerned about the spiritual welfare of public property.

Lumpkin County is currently advertising for the position of “Park Beautification Technician.” Now, for most people that’s just a glorified title for a pine straw spreader, but this is government, after all…

Even funnier, though– the job title is misspelled. The county is looking to fill the position of “Park Beatification Technician;” in other words, somebody whose job it is to make sure that all parks make it into heaven! (If the PBT does his job really well, will we have to change the name to “Blessed Blackburn Park”?)

The “Park Pastor” must know how to drive a tractor and spread weed killer. $7.25 an hour, 30 hours a week maximum.


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