Do we keep our Constitution or choose a dictator?

Do voters want to preserve individual rights under the Constitution?  Or, do they want a dictator who promises everything to get elected.  Cruz is supported by the grassroots, people power, not cash.  Can people power stand up to the fellow with billions?  Is your vote for sale?

Here are Richard Viguerie’s quick takeaways from yesterday’s New Hampshire Primary election:
 …First, congratulations to the fathers of Trump’s victory – Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Reince Priebus.
… Also let’s not forget the many other architects of Trump’s victory – all Big Government GOP politicians, consultants and lobbyists whose love of power, corrupt government and manipulation of the rules fueled the voters’ anger.
 … Of course Democratic grassroots voters are also onto the corruption, dishonesty and lying of Establishment politicians.
 … America’s Power Establishment (including the media) Ask Not For Whom The Election Bells Toll; For They Toll for America’s Corrupt Establishment.
 …Citizens United impact – zero
 …Wealthy GOP Donors impact – zero
…New Hampshire Spending Per Candidate
 Bush $36    Million
Christie $18.5 Million
Rubio $15.2 Million
Kasich $12.1 Million
Fiorina $1.8   Million
TOTAL   $83.6 Million
Trump $3.7   Million
Cruz     $0.6   Million
TOTAL   $4.3   Million
…Establishment, how does it feel to be universally disliked and disrespected?
 …For years the GOP Establishment let it be known they didn’t like their voters. Now their voters have responded – we don’t much care for you either.
 …Trump’s victory suggests 2016 America is beginning to feel and act like 1789 France, as the French people rose up and overthrew their establishment and accepted a strong dictator – Napoleon
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