Dog Park Committee PUBLIC MEETING

The Dog Park Committee will meet at 9:00 AM on May 24th at Park & Rec.

Following the commission vote to not approve one particular site in Yahoola Creek Park for a Dog Park, they agreed to have a committee appointed to consider proposing a site.

The motion for the vote was very strange because it limited consideration by the commissioners of any other site.  Dog park proponents had been clear that they could work with almost any area within Yahoola Creek Park.

Dog park proponents have committed to pay for all improvements to the property, to establish and enforce stringent regulations, and to manage the park with no financial support from or legal liability for the county.  They have been very clear that they would not be interested in investing in a park that is not close to downtown Dahlonega.

During the first meeting of the Blackburn Park Concept Committee, County Manager Stan Kelley stated that we needed to develop the Concept Plan to get direction for the $900,000 from SPLOST for Park & Rec.  He said, “Yahoola Creek Park is done.”  Presumably, this means that no more ball fields will be developed in Yahoola Creek Park.  If indeed, that is the case, it ought to be easy to designate an area for a dog park.

Dog Park Committee members:

Commissioner Bill Scott who bitterly opposed the dog park was selected by

Commission Chairman John Raber to chair the Dog Park Committee.

Alan Roach from the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Department

Sandy Steele, dog park member

Jane Mullinex, Wendell Caldwell, Brenda Norrell

Too bad this was scheduled as an early morning meeting.  It is important for as many people as possible to attend and find out what is going on.

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