Donald Trump exposed

by Emily Lewy

Pundits across the nation compare Trump with Cruz contemplating how they are alike trying to explain how the two have captured such an incredible portion of the electorate.  Both appeal to voters’ disgust for the way Washington operates.

Trump exposed the difference with his challenge of Cruz’s citizenship.  It was a political ploy being used by Trump to damage Cruz.  But it also exposed Trump’s attitude toward the Constitution.

Trump’s suggestion that Cruz needs to appeal to the Supreme Court for a determination clearly indicates that he recognizes the Supreme Court, not the U S Constitution as the ultimate law of the land.

The words of the U S Constitution make it clear that the child of a United States citizen has full citizenship.  Trump says the Supreme Court gets to tell us what the Constitution means.

This is HUGE. And Trump is wrong.

Cruz operates completely from the perspective that the Constitution is the law of the land.  The Constitution defines and limits authority of the federal government.   Those who drafted the document had fought a revolution to obtain liberty.  Without the Tenth Amendment that specifically protects rights of the states and the people, the Constitution would never have become the law of our land.

Cruz never waivers in his commitment to these rights.  His refusal to back down has caused great consternation for Congressional leadership that ignores rights of the people and the states.  Cruz is less interested in making a deal than in preserving rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Trump clearly states that everything is on the table.  Let’s make a deal. If we don’t like the Constitution, let’s have the Supreme Court reinterpret it for us.

The Constitution has been the bedrock on which all rights have been based.  Continue allowing it to be eroded and our rights will disappear.

There is a clear difference between these two candidates.  Trump will make a deal.  Cruz will protect your rights.

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