About Lumpkin County Animal Shelter
The Lumpkin County Animal Shelter is a beautiful and warm haven for stray, abandoned and abused animals. Our shelter strives to make our visitors experience at the shelter as welcoming and pleasant as it is for the animals who are staying with us until they find a home. The shelter is clean and our animals are healthy and happy! The Lumpkin County Animal Shelter is owned and managed by Lumpkin County. The county shelter is additionally supported and assisted by PAWS Humane Society, a non- profit 501(c3) organization. According to the Humane Society of The U.S., the best animal shelters are a cooperative effort of county government and local humane society.

About PAWS Humane Society
The Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS), Inc. strives to improve the quality of life for pets and people in the Lumpkin County area by assisting the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter in reuniting lost pets with their owners, caring for and finding homes for stray and abandoned dogs and cats, promoting the advantages of spayed and neutered pets and educating the public on proper care and handling of animals thus reducing both the number of injuries to people and the incidents of cruelty to animals. PAWS assists the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter in the care and humane treatment of all animals brought to the shelter. Our goal is to find homes for all adoptable dogs and cats.

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  1. Emily says:

    While it is very sad that so many animals were killed, retribution is not the answer. Some shelter volunteers have great difficulty accepting the fact that such action was taken without an opportunity for them to find another solution. As I see it, we need to let county leaders know we want to be involved. The fact is, they just don’t know what’s going on most of the time. They think most of the public doesn’t know or care what they do or don’t do. We won’t have better communication with county commissioners until they know we want it. Never forget that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Emily

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