H.R. 1599 DARK Act …Deny Americans the Right to Know

The House passed H.R. 1599, the DARK—Deny Americans the Right to Know—Act on July 23. Word is out that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), which helped Monsanto write the DARK Act, has scheduled a lobbying day for October 7. And the DARK Act is set to be heard by the Senate Agriculture Committee, likely the week beginning October 5.

A Senate bill has yet to be introduced—probably because Senators know that introducing a bill that stomps all over state and consumer rights, a bill opposed by 90 percent of their constituents, will make them very unpopular with voters. But the lack of an actual Senate bill isn’t going to stop Monsanto. With the help of its Big Food allies, Monsanto-the-Poison-Pusher is forging ahead.

As the July 1, 2016 deadline to comply with Vermont’s mandatory labeling law draws dangerously close, Monsanto grows increasingly desperate.

As one EU country after another announces it will ban GMO crops, as food giants like General Mills and Kellogg’s struggle to survive, as McDonald’s, the king of junk fast food restaurant chains announces organic hamburgers in Europe, Monsanto reads the writing on the wall.

As the World Health Organization classifies Roundup as a human carcinogen, and as more physicians and scientists stand up to the Biotech Bullies, Monsanto finds itself backed into a corner.

You can bet, with such obscene profits at stake, Monsanto will come out of that corner more determined than ever to ram the DARK Act through the Senate.


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