Join the Cruz campaign

by Emily Lewy

We, the people, have control only when we are well informed and actively work to get choices we want.  Too often, we vote for the least objectionable candidate.  This election can be different.  We will have an opportunity in the March 2016 Primary to vote for an outstanding candidate with the education, experience, temperament and courage to lead our country. His name is Ted Cruz.


Cruz is widely recognized as the smartest, most courageous man in Washington.  He is not the “yes” man that gets big money support.  He has vigorously challenged leadership of both parties.  Check out his record for yourself at  Be sure to see his press videos. Hear his commitment to you.  His book, A Time for Truth is a true tell-all.

Cruz has raised more money than any candidate except Jeb Bush.  Yet, Washington and the media ignore him because he represents the people and depends on grassroots support from you and me.  If we are to get this great candidate on our ballot in November 2016, we must start working for him NOW.  Georgia voters’ opportunity to determine who is on that ballot will be the March Primary.

I have committed to do everything I can to make sure Ted Cruz wins the Georgia March Primary.  I will chair the Cruz campaign in Lumpkin County.  Please join me working to get the best possible choice on our November 2016 ballot for President.  Let me hear from you if you want to help elect the true conservative who values our Constitution and will make the federal government operate within its constraints.


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