Lumpkin County Homeowners Association meets 1-25-11

Lumpkin County Homeowners Association will meet on Tuesday, January 25 at 7:00 PM in the meeting room of United Community Bank.  Please join us.

The Annual Meeting of our association will be on Tuesday, March 22.  We need all persons concerned about the future of the association and our local government to attend the January meeting to make plans for issues that will be addressed at the Annual meeting. We need to hear from the membership what they want from the association and how each member will contribute to the responsibilities of the association.

Our Bylaws only require one public (Annual) meeting each year with four additional Board meetings that all members may attend.  Our current schedule at United Community Bank provides for meetings January 25, March 22, May 24, September 27, and October 25.

We provide updates on current local issues and discuss new concerns of our members.  We believe that working together we will be more effective at dealing with issues than we are as individuals going up against the challenges alone.

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