Lumpkin County Homeowners Association Minutes 3-27-12

Discussion of changes for membership rules, sale of property, loss of membership.  Changes will be voted on in the next meeting

Discussion of duties of the Board of Directors, number of meetings.  Three times per year with an annual meeting seems to be the final decision.  The president or secretary (anyone, really) can call for a special meeting on urgent matters as they happen.

Discussion of change from an April meeting to a “spring” meeting.

Treasurer, Sue Neil reports $498.52 bank balance.  All fees have been paid to State.  $10. voluntary dues per year.

Clint Smith, candidate for the House Seat of Amos Amerson gave a brief speech.

Guy La Boa, candidate for Chairman of the County Commission, spoke on his reasons for seeking the post.

Emily Lewy spoke on package sales, petitions and the various options for Sunday liquor sales.  There was a general discussion of the merits of package sales.  Only one person spoke against it.

This was a lengthy discussion and evolved into political commentary on elected officials and their attitudes toward each other and the public.

Sandy Steele presented an update on the status of the proposed dog park.  It seems that the Mobile office of the Army Corps of Engineers is holding up the final approval.  A Lake Lanier Corps of Engineers official will make a trip to Mobile to walk through the plans

PAWS organization has officially separated from the County and will now function solely as a spay/neuter organization.  This decision was made after a lack of cooperation with the County government.

Regina Harper Odom reported on the decision by the county to maintain the existing recycling program.

Jacque Hoffman, Secretary

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