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  • Commentary, Issues Comments Off on Major media has become irrelevant by promoting false information as truth

    Major media clearly consider their followers to be idiots.  They continue to promote disputable information as fact.  They continue to operate on the idea that if you tell a lie often enough you will get the masses to believe it.  Our education system fails to teach critical thinking; thereby, allowing the population of followers and idiots to increase.  The following article exposes the distortion of a published statement.  Emily

  • Commentary, health, Issues, News Comments Off on Deep medical fraud: logical insight cancels brain fog

    by Jon Rappoport

    In the course of an investigation, a clue can turn up that changes everything. It exposes massive falsehoods and fraud.  But the meaning of the clue doesn’t always tap the investigator on the shoulder and reveal its full implications. The force of the rational insight is on a delay mechanism, as it were.

    When I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., in the late 1980s, I was surrounded by much confusion. A bewildering number of facts and opinions and lies were being fed to me by various sources. I was taping notes to my walls and trying to sort out the mess of spaghetti. Continue reading »

  • Commentary, establishment control, government slavery, Issues Comments Off on The real problem with gun control

    Predictably, the recent attack on Republican lawmakers by a deranged gunman prompted members of the Radical Left to drag out their same old, tired arguments for gun-control. Never mind that the nation’s capital, one of the most violence-prone cities in America, has some of the nation’s strictest gun-control laws. Facts are irrelevant to them.

    The authors of the Second Amendment had important reasons for adding the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Having been tyrannized by Great Britain, they saw the right to bear arms not only as a way for American citizens to protect themselves and their property from other individuals, but as a last-resort defense against an oppressive government. Continue reading »


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