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  • Commentary, establishment control, government slavery, Issues Comments Off on The real problem with gun control

    Predictably, the recent attack on Republican lawmakers by a deranged gunman prompted members of the Radical Left to drag out their same old, tired arguments for gun-control. Never mind that the nation’s capital, one of the most violence-prone cities in America, has some of the nation’s strictest gun-control laws. Facts are irrelevant to them.

    The authors of the Second Amendment had important reasons for adding the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Having been tyrannized by Great Britain, they saw the right to bear arms not only as a way for American citizens to protect themselves and their property from other individuals, but as a last-resort defense against an oppressive government. Continue reading »

  • Commentary, establishment control, government slavery, government waste, health, Issues Comments Off on Could Trump be the harbinger of truth in medical care?

    A healthy populace has not been the goal of government for too long. Money to cover costs of medications merely addresses symptoms of illness. Insurance does nothing to make people healthy.

    Our government has enabled and protected industry, pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment for too long. Maybe it is time to consider support for good health.

  • climate change, Commentary, Constitution, establishment control, government slavery, Issues Comments Off on Can the truth set us free?

    Lumpkin Sunshine New User RegistrationThose who would attempt to change history and the very definition of science to fit their agenda need to take a step back and examine their motives.  Do they really support the nazi-like new world order that gives control of our lives to globalist rulers?  Or, are they willing to recognize rights of individuals within each state to govern and make choices for themselves?  It is interesting to see Californians talking of separating from the union.  A return to principles on which the country was founded would allow citizens of each state to uphold the values they choose without imposing them on everyone else.  We could be a union for the purposes of security and very limited, agreed upon other items.  This would be great for the individual and make it much more difficult for corporate globalists to control our lives.  We must stop being controlled by false information.  See:

    My observations:  Most Democrats do not approve of abortion for birth control.  Most Republicans don’t want to control a woman’s life.  Most people expect everyone else to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  We no longer operate from a position of recognizing things that we all agree on because there are two many who benefit from the chaos.

    Granny Emily


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