Volunteers can be county match for grant

Volunteer participation can be used as the county match for a $100,000 grant to improve Blackburn Park.  The county must apply for the grant by November 30.   Since no county funds are available for the required 20% match, the grant cannot be accepted without a commitment for 2200 volunteer hours.

The Blackburn Park Concept Committee appointed by the BOC has not even met for the first time.  Their job will be to make a recommendation to the BOC on what should be done in the park. Since, the committee has not met for the first time, will the county be swift enough to take advantage of the grant?

An earlier Concept Plan for Blackburn Park centered around building ball fields.  The $900,000 included in the SPLOST for that purpose is unlikely to materialize.  While that part of the project is on hold, a grant of $100,000 and 2200 hours of volunteer labor could be used to improve existing roads, trails, and structures and maybe even build a boat dock.

One of the biggest issues for the county will be whether or not enough volunteers will commit to work on improving the park.  Let commissioners know what you can do to help.  You can leave a message for commissioners at 706–864-3742 .

John Raber Chairman jraber@lumpkincounty.gov
Bill Scott District 1 bill.scott@lumpkincounty.gov
Tim Bowden District 2 tim.bowden@lumpkincounty.gov
Clarence Stowers District 3 clarence.stowers@lumpkincounty.gov
Clarance Grindle District 4 clarence.grindle@lumpkincounty.gov
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