PAWS success story

Last Spring, Tripod, a medium size Blue Heeler (cattle dog), was surrendered by a family who had lost interest in him.  PAWS member, Dan Bowers,  placed the three legged dog on Petfinder where he was seen by Armanda, a very well to do lady living in an upscale part of Brooklyn.  She wanted Tripod.  Dan was able to arrange volunteer transport.  As you can see from her letter, this has renewed her interest in rescuing cattle dogs.  Since that time, she found a home for another cattle dog that Dan wasn’t sure we we would be able to place.

Amanda’s letter to Dan:

Hi Dan –

I hope this finds you well – Just a quick note to say hi, and to let you know that your little Tripod, now known as Friday,  is doing great, and is a wonderful dog – maybe the most wonderful dog I’ve ever known.

You were right that he is so special – sweet, affectionate, doesn’t leave my side – doesn’t bark, chew, fight… he’s always near me and when he’s excited, he jumps into the area as high as my head… usually manages to land ok, but sometimes falls flat down.  Then just bounces up again.

Remember when I said I thought he had a destiny with me? Well, thanks to him, a lot of cattledogs are being rescued and coming to New York.  Everyone who seems him stops and asks; and I tell them, and tell them about the many others on death row, and would they foster or transport or donate, and people have.  Because of Friday, Cowboy (my recent foster) has a great home in Massachusettes, – because the new parents saw the three of us on the street in NYC and came running over because they had had a 3-legged blue heeler… and they ended up adopting Cowboy.  And many others because of him.

I adore him and will send you pictures!  Thanks for making this happen and for letting me have this very special little creature.

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