Protect your pet with a microchip

A beloved pet that is lost, stolen, or just slips out of the collar could be gone for good.  But a microchip can alert a veterinarian or animal shelter that you are the rightful owner.

HB 1106, effective July1, 2010, requires animal shelters to scan for microchips before euthanasia and notify the owner.  The sad fact is that animal shelters don’t have enough space to keep the animals for very long.  Wonderful pets are euthanized every day.  The new law provides protection for the pet with a microchip.

The Lumpkin County Animal Shelter will microchip your pet for $20.00 any time during shelter hours Tuesday thru Saturday.  PAWS will provide the same service during Pet Adoptions in front of Walmart.

Pet Adoptions at Walmart will take place on June 5 and June 19 from 11:00 AM til 2:00 PM.

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