Publicity essential for spay/neuter success

by Emily Lewy

The Atlanta Humane Society spay/neuter mobile unit will be at the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter on Wednesday and Thursday, September 28 and 29.  If you know anyone who has a dog or cat that has not been altered, please tell them about this opportunity.

The efforts of PAWS and TLC to create a North Georgia Spay/Neuter mobile unit ended when we learned that Atlanta Humane was developing a mobile unit that could serve our area.  Atlanta Humane already has funding sources to accomplish this goal and by serving rural areas, they will be immediately eligible for additional funds from grants.

My only concern is that we must get the word out to everyone who could take advantage of the service.  If Lumpkin residents fail to take advantage of this clinic, Atlanta Humane can be expected to go elsewhere.

Atlanta Humane’s original proposal was for them to place ads in The Dahlonega Nugget providing contact information for appointments made directly with them.  Now that the county has taken responsibility for appointments and scheduling, we must all do everything we can to make certain that local residents know about the program.

Appointments must be made in person at the shelter prior to the clinic dates.  Availability will be “first come, first served.”  The shelter number is 706-867-7297.

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