Republic, democracy or police state?

by Edward Snook

On May 25, 1787, our Founding Fathers were intently involved in great debate and decision making as they held their (our) Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania State House. What form of government would the original 13 states adopt for what would eventually become “the greatest nation on the face of the Earth?”

The Convention ended, and 81-year-old Benjamin Franklin was asked and responded to the following question: “Well, doctor, what have we got: a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” What a dynamic and perceptive warning: “if you can keep it.”

From 1787 to the present

Obviously, Franklin knew that it would be impossible for the American people to keep their newly created and one-of-a-kind republic.

Year after year, decade by decade, destructive human nature (greed, apathy, thirst for control/power, etc.) crept into our republic, slowly rotting it from within. Crafty lawyers spun their deceptive webs throughout each of the three separate branches of the republic, actually morphing them into a form of government quite unlike any other.

These lawyers and their cohorts, mainly corrupt politicians and major financial brokers created case law, administrative government, excessive taxation, countless rules, laws, expensive procedures, etc., which have factually wiped out our republic, our Constitution and the rights (protections) that the Constitution was intended to provide to each of us. In short, all of their self-centered, evil ambitions have succeeded and we find ourselves living in 2015 under a form of government that is nothing more or less than a somewhat benevolent police state, which disguises itself under the name democracy.

The police state that now governs the United States is often cruel to those being governed. Many innocent people suffer false arrest and then rush to a criminal defense attorney only to find that the legal help they were promised before paying their retainer conveniently disappeared. They often find that the very defense lawyer they hired did nothing more than lead them into an outrageously expensive procedural nightmare, where much that transpires has absolutely nothing to do with right or wrong, guilt or innocence.

While the police state does lock up dangerous criminals in order to protect us, far too many innocent people are locked behind bars in America. Victimless crimes and the subsequent punishment for those actual non-crimes are literally out of control and the cost for this is massive and undeniable.

The “justice system,” one segment of our police state, is so heavily armed and bloated beyond belief that it has actually become a huge contributor to the bankrupt condition of our nation. Even though our “justice system” purports to lack funding in many areas, it is obvious that it just can’t ever get enough money. The system is making every attempt to self-fund by escalating fines, civil forfeitures, issuing excessive fees and overstating crime statistics in ongoing attempts to get the public to accept increased taxation. Our “justice system” has actually become its own branch of government in many ways and its force is used continuously by all other branches.

Our original three separate branches of government have become so intertwined (and unaccountable) that we really can’t recognize any of them as they were intended to be. Our judicial branch legislates, our legislative branch adjudicates and our executive branch does both. While we still refer to these branches of government as they have always been referred to, most Americans are ignorant to the fact that America is actually being ran (behind the scenes) by a forth or actually a fifth branch called administrative. Administrative government is absolutely unconstitutional, yet it does exist and it controls much of our daily lives. This adds substantial proof to the fact that our Constitution, in practice, no longer exists.

The subject of our government, our “freedom” and the many other attached issues run so deep that I could write volumes and barely scratch the surface. So many others have studied and written about these issues that it is mind-boggling, but I have never read or heard anyone really tear the lid off of this subject and name our government appropriately. I have now done so in this article; hopefully, this will prompt others to ask questions and start demanding honest answers. If not, we will all watch our police state evolve into something that is void of any benevolence whatsoever.


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