Texting while driving

My friend Sally Sorohan is promoting a bill in the Georgia legislature to prohibit texting while driving.  See below.  Please contact your legislators and let them know you would like to see that dangerous activity eliminated from Georgia roads before it causes the death of more people.  Encourage them to seek a serious penalty such as loss of a drivers license for many (What about 10?) years as well as a fine.  Emily Lewy

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, my grandson, Caleb Sorohan, was killed in an auto accident on December 16, 2009 when he was texting and driving.  In an effort to save other lives, we are trying to get a law passed through the GA legislature that would ban texting and diving in this state.  Currently there are 3 bills being considered pertaining to this.  I am contacting you to urge you to contact your State Sentor and Representative to let them know you would support such a law.  We would like for you to also email a note of your support to ssorohan@hotmail.com and/or to bigwave6@bellsouth.net.  A count of your emails will be delivered to the Legislature on Tuesday of this week.  So far we have received over 250 letters of support.
This legislation is vital to your safety on the highways and roads here.  Over 20 other states have already enacted such laws.  Please help!
Thank you,
Sallie Sorohan

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