The Dahlonega Nugget: Confusion Complicates County Petition Ordinance

Confusion on the Commission This article highlights the chaos that can reign when the politicians embark on a plan to squelch opposition, but fail to make sure that they’re all on the same page:

While two Lumpkin County commissioners are under the impression that petitions not following the county’s form will not be accepted, two believe they will be, and board chair “Dr.” John Raber said it was never alleged they wouldn’t be.

“We never said we wouldn’t accept petitions. We’ve always accepted petitions. We’ve not turned down any petition ever. All we did was ask that people follow a form so petitions could be legitimized,” Raber said when asked about the board’s acceptance of the GOLD Dog Park petition at the October work session. That petition was not on a county form, but when presented, Raber asked that it be given to the county clerk to become an official part of the record.

The rest of the story:

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