Update on Dog Park Public Hearing

The Board of Commissioners (BOC) November 30 Public Hearing on the Yahoola Creek Dog Park was well attended.  Tim Herrin gave a general description of what the dog park would be …emphasizing that no financial assistance would be requested from the county.

The public was allowed to state whether they supported or opposed the statement.  Additional comments were welcomed during a second round of questioning.

Almost everyone in the room spoke up in support of the dog park in Yahoola Creek Park.

Three attendees stated some opposition.  One fellow doesn’t understand that a dog park would not take away anything from the ball parks.  Shockingly, the other two were veterans who opposed the dog park because they don’t think the county does enough for veterans.  Their position was clearly not the position of all veterans since many who spoke in favor of the dog park were also veterans.  I have been told that one of the gentlemen said after the meeting that he did not really oppose the dog park, he just wanted more county support for veterans.

There seems to be little opposition from the public to a dog park within the Yahoola Creek Park complex.  One resident who did not attend the meeting tells me that they drive down to Windward Parkway to allow their dog to play with other dogs.  She talked about the importance of socialization for the dogs and the joy good dogs bring to their families.

The dog park was not addressed during the December BOC meeting.  Anyone feeling very strongly about the dog park should contact commissioners as soon as possible.  Never underestimate your ability to make a difference.

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One Response to Update on Dog Park Public Hearing

  1. Dodie says:

    I own a dog (6-pound toy poodle) AND I own property in Lumpkin County. So, does that permit me to comment on dog parks in Lumpkin County even though I don’t live there full time? As a city dweller (40,000+ people in the town where I live), I know the value of having a dog park nearby. My wee dog gets to socialize, run, chase, sniff, fake-fight, play with doggy friends, of all sizes and breeds. She’s never been hurt, although she’s usually the smallest of the pack. They run around and over her, but never step on her… she loves going there, and it’s not just her own socialization, but the people I talk with, too. It lets your dog make friends, and you’ll make some people friends, too.

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