Vote: Tim Bowden…best candidate ..Commission District 2

by Emily Lewy

A runoff in the District 2 Commission race pits current commissioner, Tim Bowden, against an opponent who has made a habit of running for office without ever participating in county government in any way.

Voters ignored Bowden’s four years of excellent work on the commission when a few vengeful persons spread irrelevant and exaggerated rumors about him.

Those who expect elected officials to vote their way on every issue are naïve and unrealistic.  It is not possible because we do not all agree on all the issues.  While it is appropriate to speak out on matters that concern us, harassment of elected officials to get what you want is not acceptable.

Sunday alcohol sales created most of the opposition to Bowden.  The decision to put that matter on ballot has now been made.  It is over.  Holding a grudge over things in the past can do great harm to all parties involved.

I have known Tim Bowden for some sixteen years.  I vehemently disagree with him on a number of issues.  But he has been a very good county commissioner.  I will vote for him in the Runoff Election and will do everything I can to see that he is reelected.

I have attended most county meetings over the last sixteen years and I am reasonably well informed.  I am not a single-issue individual looking for personal benefit from a county commission vote.

I urge registered voters to go to the poles and vote for well-qualified candidates who do a good job of serving all residents of the county.

Look for my ad in The Dahlonega Nugget in support of Tim Bowden.

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5 Responses to Vote: Tim Bowden…best candidate ..Commission District 2

  1. says:

    Yes but why should I vote for Mr. Bowden? Please be specific.

    I have a couple of issues regarding Mr. Bowden.

    Firt he made the claim at the recent candidate’s forum that he cannot tie his shoes without the help of Jesus. I find statements like this offensive. He told my wife that he does not believe in the separation of church and state, which is one of the founding principles of our republic. He make the alcohol decision apparently based on his religious beliefs. We do not need one group of people imposing there religious beliefs on the rest of us via local government policy making. We are not a Muslim country.

    My second complaint, and this may be somewhat of a quibble, is that Tim takes credit for the posting of Commission agendas, and working documents to the internet for viewing by the public.

    Excuse me but Mr. Bowden did not do that. In fact,I did that. Tim did put forth an ordinance to have commission working documents available for commissioner review in a timely fashion before meetings but I am the one who recommended to Stan Kelley that the documents be posted on the internet in a place where the citizens could view them.

    Please provide me and others details as to why I should vote for Tim.

    Thank you and keep up your good work.

    Frank Gilkeson

  2. tstroefer says:

    Tim Bowden attempted to deny the citizens of Lumpkin county not once,not twice but three times the opportunity to vote on Sunday sales of beer and wine. He cited inaccurate and unverifiable facts to boost his position and you Emily even stated citizens have the right to vote on important issues.

    His denial for the citizens to have the opportunity to vote is extremely undemocratic and absolutely defines his lack of political character and total disregard for the rights of his constituents.

    My position is not a grudge,nor harassment, nor exaggerated rumors.
    Just check Bowden’s quotes in the Nugget and in BOC official minutes,

  3. Emily says:

    Yes, I did support alcohol sales. However, that was one of many votes that Tim Bowden made during a period of three and a half years.

    If you expect to find an elected official that you can agree with on every vote, you will be waiting a long time. I do not know a single human being that I agree with on every issue. That is OK. If you expect to be successful in this world, you have to work with people when you very strongly disagree with them on some issues.

    A difference of opinion does not make Tim Bowden a bad person or a bad commissioner.

    The fact that you would so stridently work to get rid of a commissioner because of a single issue says a lot more about you than it does about Tim Bowden.

  4. tstroefer says:


    Bowden committed a very very serious breach of a democratic principle…he voted 3 times to DENY 15000 Lumpkin voters the OPPORTUNITY to vote YES or NO to Sunday sales of beer and wine….he says he simply voted NO to putting it on the ballot…..regardless….Bowden did not have my power of attorney to VOTE my YES or NO.

    Bowden,could have in Feb 2012 stated his personal opinions on the matter and then said the voters should decide like Gooch did in 2000…and Bowden would not be in this political mess…he probably would have run unopposed. But he let his fellow commissioner (Stowers) take all the heat instead.

    Thank you for your involvement in the community.

  5. tstroefer says:

    Hi Again

    Yes I have “stridently worked” to get Bowden defeated on a single issue…denying voters the opportunity to vote….just like I am “stridently working” to get Obama defeated on a single issue…healthcare…

    When the single issue is monumental….it does not take 50 other issues to want a candidate defeated….and yes I VOTED for STEVE SHAW on 8/12/12.


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