Vote: Joy Edelberg for Magistrate Judge

by Emily Lewy

Joy Edelberg is an attorney who has practiced in many different areas of the law for many years.  She is an efficient manager with the right temperament to be an excellent Magistrate Judge.

As a competent trial attorney, she will provide trial, evidence and general legal knowledge which has been lacking in the past.   The law is far more complex today, and changes rapidly.   It takes a lot more than a set of borrowed/handed down books to provide justice as provided by law.

The county will benefit in many ways by having a magistrate judge who is an attorney.  A magistrate judge who is an attorney could be appointed to hear cases for the Probate Court in the absence of the probate judge and would be eligible if called upon to hear cases in Superior Court.

I vote:  Joy Edelberg for Magistrate Judge in the Runoff Election



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