Who will vote for Trump?

Voters are angry at a Congress that has allowed a president to operate like a dictator.  Yet, a lot of people seem to now support the fellow who tells us he will be the greatest dictator we have ever seen.  Donald Trump tells us he has bought and paid for many politicians.  He has been clear that he will do anything for a deal.  Until he decided to run for office in 2015, Trump was a Democrat.  He supported corporate subsidies, welfare on demand, amnesty for illegals, late term abortions, subsidies for Planned Parenthood, tax increases for everyone, permits to own a firearm, restrictions on the kinds of firearm individuals may possess and other liberal/progressive positions.  He thinks Hillary was a great Secretary of State.  He gave money to the Clinton Foundation that is financing her campaign.

Who will vote for a man willing to do anything for a deal when he now promises a complete reversal of every position he ever had?


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