Work to do when the dust settles

The following article about the end of the Whig party is discouraging and quite frankly prophetic:  It is important to know our history so that we do not repeat mistakes.

Following the Georgia Republican Party Convention, I do believe this is where we are:
We must go along with Trump because we know up front how bad the other candidates are…every one of them.
I confess that I do not know or understand motivations behind efforts to get Donald Trump elected.
Was it trumped up by some who wanted to repeat history? Is it an intentional effort to destroy the party?
The Democratic Party appears to be be in the process of doing something similar. Their choices are not good either…a communist or a crook!

We must be vigilant during the next few years because there may be unseen forces playing us all.  Do we want to remain a free people with government based on a Constitution offering individual liberty and personal responsibility?   Are we willing to trade individual freedom for a government that that takes care of us providing basic needs and entertainment?

“Idiocracy” is a crude but very entertaining movie about the world five hundred years in the future.   As I left the theater after seeing it in 2006, I was appalled because it seemed to be showing what I saw happening back then.  No surprise that it is finding it’s way into the political mainstream!

A collapse of the system may be necessary; but do not expect the uninformed to learn from history, they will not and never have.  Those who are not a part of the solution are the problem.  To save this nation and our form of government, we must hang in there and wait til the dust settles.   It will.
by Emily Lewy

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