Your vote should matter

The GAGOP “leadership” just may have voted for a process to hand the vast majority of Georgia’s national delegate votes to Donald Trump while ignoring Robert’s Rules of Order/Party Rules. Like Trump or hate him, breaking rules to reach a favored, “top-down” result is wrong, especially when designed to help a specific candidate or candidates. The 11th District Chairman and Atlanta based lobbyist, Brad Carver, (who serves on the State Executive Committee) published an article claiming that by requiring that a candidate receive 20%+ of the votes in the primary to receive any state at-large delegates, it “benefits” us by:

(1) Making campaigning in Georgia “more attractive” to candidates; and
(2) Causing us to unify around “our nominee”.

While someone else has already published an article eviscerating the logic of Carver’s article, one point that requires emphasis is that YOUR VOTE should MATTER in the picking of a nominee and that the hard-working members of the State Committee should not be misled by “leadership” on the rules as to whether or not they could set a different vote threshold.

Maybe 20% is the correct number. But we’ll never know because meaningful DEBATE WASN’T ALLOWED. And maybe it’s not the correct number since, after all, this year, Georgia is going very early in the nomination process so that WE can choose who “our nominee” is. However, based on the logic in the article, if you don’t happen to vote for Donald Trump (or Jeb Bush, if he ever polls above 20% again) then your opinion may not matter much in the election.

This information was taken from an article by Alex Johnson.

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